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At M bar R Building and Home Inspection you can be sure you will get an unbiased accurate inspection. Our inspections will let you know exactly what you are going to buy, what the good points are and what some of the things are that need attention.  We will let you know about safety hazards and exactly what is behind the structure you are about to purchase.  Before our inspection starts we will sit down with you and tell you what is going to be inspected and what will not be inspected. We do not want any surprises and we want you to know exactly what we will deliver to you before the inspection gets underway.

A lot of companies will charge you a flat rate but we feel that it is important to you that you get all the time it requires to give you the best inspection service you are paying for.  We don't think that it would be fair for a person hiring us to give them an inspection on their 1500 sq ft home for the same price as someone that is hiring us to do their 3000 sq ft home.  We promise you that we will thoroughly go through your property, garage, and out buildings regardless of how much time it takes. That is our promise to you.

At M bar R Building and Home Inspection we will produce a thorough inspection report with pictures and details of the inspected property. Our reports are easy to read with no legal jargon to confuse you.

Just give us a call at: 406 439-0390

We will make a timely appointment with you and also provide you with a quick report, as we know you are waiting to purchase one of the biggest investments of your life. This will protect you and your family from making an investment that is going to cost you more money once you move in.

Trust in M bar R Building and Home Inspections to give you affordable quality and a professional report you will be very happy with.

Inspections by:  Michael L. Russell, Certified Home Inspector

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Michael Russell - President
email:  inspections@cowboysranch.com or cowboy@cowboysranch.com



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