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Newest edition - PA Windskipper


Picture on the left is Skipper at 6 months old and Skipper at 3 yrs old...

Check out Skippers Page..... He is standing at stud
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My ApHC Mbrshp # 783138 


Welcome to my page. My name is Michael Russell and I'm  from Helena, Montana.   
Officially retired from the military.   My family has been in Montana since 1864 and I am a proud member of the 
Sons and Daughters of Montana Pioneers Society and current President

 Thanks for stopping by and if you sign my ranch book and you have a website, I will pay you a visit. So again, Welcome to my site and please read on.


I first accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 12 years old. I really didn't have a clue what that meant.  I did not study the bible but I did go to church.  I didn't have anybody to mentor me so I stayed pretty stagnant. I knew and accepted Christ but didn't make my life any better by learning more about HIM.  There has been many times I should of not walked away from dangerous situations and today I can look back and be thankful that at least when I was 12 I accepted HIM because HE got me through all those years.   HE walked with me anyway, and finally got my undivided attention to come back to HIM.  Since 1996 I have been trying to stay on fire for the Lord.  My mother was a Christian and she tried to show me how to live, but there was no emphasis on God. Folks if your reading this, don't make that same mistake with your children. It is much harder to teach your children about God and show them the right way to live in HIM, than it is to neglect them and let them grow up to be what society has learned to accept in today's world.  Don't let them be of this world, mentor them, find Discipleship for them. Teach them the way of our God. Don't take the lazy way out, show them how much you love them, as God loves you.

I've got two grown children (Wayd) and (Roxanne), Roxi had my first grandchild  June 16, 2005, Zachary is his name. Oh yeah, he is a gorgeous baby.  Click on Zach's name for his picture.   Wayd is still holding out and I wish him all the happiness he can gather up. 



  Minnesota/Wisconsin Walk to Emmaus #35.  


I keep trying to live a better life everyday but still have a ways to go.  Thanks again for comin here and Happy Trails.  See ya down the trail, you'll recognize me I'm the tall cowboy on the horse with the spots on his butt, not my butt the horses.......and the big smile..



Anyway thanks for comin here and I plan on making this page a link for the Christian, Rodeo, Horse, Cowboy and Cowgirl to come to. Hope you have fun while your here and come back as often as you like. So now go check out the links page and have a nice time while your here..

Grandpa's 1920 Hamley Saddle





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