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  Our first male is
KS Ranch Montana Blue Sky (Hank) AKC reg. Hank's daddy is a United States and Australian Champion.(GCH Terrella's Blue Sky).



     Jesse James is our other male.  Jesse is not registered, and now we have Justice, son of Hank has proven to be an excellent sire.


Jesse left, Hank right and now Justice

Drumroll, Magnum and Missy had their pups.... As Missy is a maiden female and Magnum is a first time daddy, they had 3 beautiful pups...... All girls.... 2 blue girls and 1 red girl.

Pictures below:  Both Blue girls are SOLD off our waiting list .. We have decided to keep the red girl, she will be perfect for our breeding stock as we were getting short of females...


        BLUE GIRL #1 Double Masked now in Winnett, MT    BLUE GIRL #2 Right side mask behind right eye Now going to Arlington, VA  RED GIRL Red patch behind right eye

Pictures of the blue girls taken at 8 weeks old

No body spots on any of them



Sadie   -  Missy
All are OFA or Penn Hip tested and good to go
Jesse and Sarah (Sarah is also now retired) are unregistered but all the rest are AKC Registered
these are all our boys and girls, red and blue
Justice is Montana Blue Sky Texas Justice - Hank is KS Ranch Montana Blue Sky
Sadie is Artful Dodger Red Hot Montana Cowgirl -
Thats the crew, we love em..... Ellie Mae left us this spring to the Rainbow Bridge, RIP Ellie,
and now Missy is Cobbers Texas Missy and Magnum below is Montana Blue Sky Hired Gun


Hank did a commercial this August for the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. It was about a man that was hooked on Opioids and with the help and love for his dog and assistance from the DPHHS here in Helena he kicked the habit.  This shoot will air sometime this winter as they are in post production right now. I will update this site to announce that time. Below are some pictures from the shoot with Hank and the man that is now clean and living a prosperous life.


These are pictures of two of our pups from separate litters purchased a year apart by Erin and Matt, they got Nymeria (the red female) and then came back to us the next year and bought Asha.... I emailed Erin the other night and asked how they were doing and she sent me these pictures and she said "They are great and we absolutely adore them and they love each other so much."


Nymeria and Asha June 19th 2019 - Asha



Waiting List Form
(Please fill out and either email or send it to us)

We are adding Magnum (Montana Blue Sky Hired Gun)  for future breeding as he has both Hank and Robins bloodlines (as does Justice) and he will further the breed in an excellent manner. Magnum. He will be OFA tested hips, elbows, PRA, amd BAER etc. Magnum is now 3


This is our boy Magnum

M bar R Ranch Australian Cattle Dogs
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